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3D scanner (General) 400H

Product Category:3D scanner system (General)

產品型號:400H (General)
產品描述:PTS-400H \"comprehensive\" three-dimensional scanner is designed to meet the needs of industrial design applications and product development, which combines the advantages of high-speed scanning with ...

Product Features:

Non-contact, portable design, adjustable model, a machine:
The use of photographic style principle, non-contact 3D optical scanning, three-dimensional data obtained surface. And adapted to the soft, deformable object measurement requirements, equipment, hardware size, small footprint, no noise, can be easily brought to the measurement site, you can also move the scanning device when scanning large heavy objects;
High measurement accuracy:
Strong ability to capture the details of the measurement accuracy up to 0.02mm ~ 0.05mm;
Measurement speed:
Single Scan time <= 5 seconds, the measurement pitch cloud data very regular;
measuring large depth of field:
Depth range of 300 ~ 500mm;
wide scan range:
Can scan small objects a few millimeters to several meters large scanning range can be freely chosen, suitable for different size products scan;
marker automatic stitching:
Intelligent integration of single point cloud; scanning the test object can be moved to any flip through the stitching on the sign points to the measured data to form three-dimensional measurement of objects in order to achieve full-body scanning, reducing the dead and blind scan measurements;
High resolution:
High-density point cloud data, fine parts of objects can be clearly delineated;
PTS ™ system global error control
low demand on the environment:
Not much affect the normal ambient light of the scanning system, under normal ambient light can get high-quality office;
self-development, and manufacturing, independent software intellectual property:
Developed and manufactured its own, independent software intellectual property protection software continue free upgrades, professional R & D team to provide service 24 hours a machine that can be customized according to customer demand;
Lifetime upgrade:
Security software constantly free upgrade for future higher level and update requirements;
Simple operation:
One-button scanning, without too much training (2-3 days) that can skillfully operate;
measuring the output data interface rich:

The measured point cloud data as ASC, STL, PLY, IGES, OBJ, DXF, etc., can be directly related Surfacer, image ware, UG, CATIA, Geomagic, Pro / E, Master CAM software for data exchange.

Models and technical specifications:


PTS-400H integrated


Non-contact surface scan

Single scan range (mm2)


The maximum measuring range (mm3)


Accuracy (mm)


Single sweep points (pixels)


Single scan speed


Average Pitch (mm)


Output file formats



Mark point automatic stitching, intelligent integration of single point cloud

Operating system

Windows2000 / XP / Vista