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3D Laser Measurement System

Product Category:3D detection system

產品描述:3D Laser Measurement System is also a high tech & extra precision product, which specializes in irregular curved plane inspection with the non-touch and accurate characters. This system can o...

Product Features:

Non-contact laser measurement, nondestructive testing, can detect the coordinate system can not detect soft material objects.
High standards of design and assembly, to ensure the system's mechanical precision, using advanced software algorithms to compensate for mechanical systems and imaging systems to compensate for non-linearity error, and further improve the accuracy of the system.
High precision, accuracy of 0.02-0.05mm。
Measuring large depth of field, depth of 100mm, with precise control of four-axis system, you can easily measure the concave objects;
Measurement speed, using unique software algorithms, point processing capacity of 5,000 - 10,000 points / s.
From the beginning, the system generates close to the user, the maximum consideration of the user's habits and needs.
You can complete the overall detection of 3D surface shape of the object, you can also detect a specified section without operator trajectory programming, simplifying the operation more difficult;
Intelligent design, to maximize the process of reducing human intervention.
Easy system operation, do not ask the operator for customers to save labor costs.
Software uses Windows interface style, aspects of the user habits.
The company has a strong R & D team and technical support, system-wide self-development, can be customized.

Models and technical specifications:

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