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New handheld 3D scanner

Time:2014-05-23 11:21:31Source:siteViews:5134

To meet the growing needs of customers, the fast and fast technology will launch a new handheld 3D scanning system in 2015. The system is composed of three dimensional scanning software, which is used in the auto parts, human scanning, medical equipment, cultural relics, construction and other industrial parts.

Blu ray scanner is PTS-H3DW portable 3D scanner, camera type dynamic scanning mode, single scan time s, for 01~0.2, with monochrome and color configuration, monochrome scanning 3-D surface data, coloured scanning color texture, support marker splicing and paste point mark splicing with obvious characteristics of the objects, realizing software automatic stitching; for some specifications of objects, such as plane, sphere, cylinder, and so can through the auxiliary set point targets to achieve automatic registration. Scan data is not thick, a variety of standard data file output, can directly generate STL, OBJ and other data formats, compatible with a variety of CAD software, V5 Solidwwworks UGS, PRO-E, Catia, Imageware, Geomagic, Rhino, 3DMAX, Maya, etc..

PTS-H3DW handheld 3D scanner is the latest product in the combination of precision and fast technology, which proves that we have made a further progress towards the goal of the mobile, intelligent and free of 3D scanning technology.
Mobility and portability can allow users in narrow and difficult to reach areas (such as the car interior, desk and object behind), can be used to scan the area of interest, can also be used in combination with digital measurement system, the large and large objects to scan, the use of these devices to obtain the point cloud data can be seamlessly integrated, in the premise of ensuring accuracy, not only measure the space of several tens of times larger than the measurement time will increase ten times.
The technology continues to use the forefront of science and technology, which is in the forefront of the industry's products more accurate, reliable and easy to use. And committed to simplify the customer through three-dimensional digital technology, through the development of easy and fast technology to operate a simple industrial grade handheld scanning equipment, so that the customer's working process is simple, the use of more simple, more portable, more intelligent operation. Can save more cost for customers and significantly reduce the measurement time, improve working efficiency and create more value.

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