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Second generation foot 3D scanner

Time:2014-05-23 11:22:06Source:siteViews:4935

Jing Yi Xun Technology in August officially launched the second generation of foot based 3D scanner and the first generation of foot type machine, the second generation of foot type three-dimensional scanner in the body design, weight and software applications and scan mode to do a lot of optimization and improvement, which is currently the world's smallest size (520 x 390 x 310mm), the weight of the lightest (18KG) three-dimensional foot type scanner, improve the portability of the device, for the industry, effectively improve the flexibility of customer service.
The second generation of foot type three-dimensional scanner application compatibility stronger, more intelligent, the output of the report parameters more direct and simple, data can be directly connected to the SQL database, can be directly to the database to write scan information, according to three-dimensional scan data, in the store ERP system for automatic matching, for consumers to list the appropriate shoes, equipment application compatibility stronger, more intelligent use.

The second generation of foot 3D scanner without manual intervention of a key type of scanning and a key type of processing to make the operation more simple, direct output STL triangular grid data, so that the device is lower; the accuracy of the scan is more stable and accurate standard error < 0.5mm; a new foot type three-dimensional scanner, from 8 angles to the full scan, no dead. To complete the entire data acquisition process within a dozen seconds. Shorter operation time, shorten the time of data output, so that more efficient data acquisition.



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